International Conventions

ICQCC'11-Yokohama Program


"Enhancing Organizational Vitality Through Further Development of QC Circle Activities"
September 11-14, 2011
Pacifico Yokohama Convention Complex, JAPAN

Program Outline

Official Language: Japanese and English (Simultaneous interpretation provided)

Date Time Program Contents
(15:30-19:00) Registration Desk Opening Hours
(16:30-18:00) Machine Connection Checking Hours (for Presenters interested)
17:00-19:00 Welcome Reception
Greetings by Mr. Eiji Otsuru, Chairman, Executive Committee, ICQCC'11-Yokohama
(08:30-11:00) Registration Desk Opening Hours
09:30-09:40 Opening Remarks
Mr. Tadaaki Jagawa, President & CEO, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)
09:40-09:50 Welcome Remarks
09:50-10:00 Introduction of ICQCC Cordinator Representative Organizations
10:00-10:45 Special Lecture 1
"Internal Forces -The Power comes from inside-"
Mr. Akira Sakurai, Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor., Co. Ltd.
10:45-11:30 Special Lecture 2
"Monozukuri (Product-making) Asia and Japan"
Mr. Akihiko Sakai, President, Tohoku Epson Corporation
(11:30-12:00) Tutorial Speech:
"What Next After QCC : Lean QCC"
Mr. D. K. Srivastava, Executive Director, QC Circle Forum of India
11:30-13:00 Lunch
13:00-17:25 Presentation Session (8 Concurrent Streams)
18:00-18:30 Prize-giving for competition
08:30-11:45 Presentation Session (8 Concurrent Streams)
11:45-13:15 Lunch
13:15-16:30 Presentation Session (8 Concurrent Streams)
17:00-17:30 Prize-giving for competition
18:30-20:30 Farewell Banquet (*Separate registration required)
- Plant Visit (*Separate registration required)
*Departure time will vary, depending on plant 
Subject to minor adjustment/change

Lunch coupon, which is worth JPY1,000- will be provided per registered participant per day for September 12 and 13.
No change or refund will be made. Some conditions apply. Restaurant map will be included in the convention kit.

Convention Highlights

Mr. Akira Sakurai

Special Lecture 1: "Internal Forces -The Power comes from inside-"
Mr. Akira Sakurai, Senior Vice President, Nissan Motor., Co. Ltd.
Nissan made a comeback through "Nissan Revival Plan", and overcame with company-wide efforts, the financial crisis of a lifetime, followed by the global recession.
This is an outcome of "internal forces" from each of our employee who forms a strong organization, sharing to address common objectives and producing tangible results for business. I will speak upon these "internal forces" as source of our sustainable competitiveness.

Mr. Akihiko Sakai

Special Lecture 2: "Monozukuri (Product-making) Asia and Japan"
Mr. Akihiko Sakai, President, Tohoku Epson Corporation
Production deployment to Asia, in other word, production at the point of consumption started in 1970's, that developed from the initial stage of assembly, sub-part assembly, process, procurement, mold production to core component production, has entered at the stage of local design and R&D in the 21st century. While roles of manufacturing in Japan becoming smaller by intensive cost competition, I will speak upon how Japanese manufacturing industries will overcome disasters in Tohoku, and face with Asia.

Plant Visit

Foreign participants wishing to visit the Japanese companies are provided with a chance to see their workshops. The participants are divided into groups of maximum 30 persons for each company. A chartered bus and the sequential translation will be arranged for each group. Please indicate plant tour code and company name in the registration form. Registration shall be closed in the maximum application. Please note that some companies do not accept visitors from same industries. Therefore, the participants are requested to select the 2nd choice and leave its grouping to the Secretariat.

Tour Code Company Name Main Product Brief Introduction
A Nissan Motor
Application Closed
Passenger Car Second largest car manufacturer in Japan, also introducing QCC activities actively. Will observe welding and assembly process upon visit. 1992 Deming Prize winner.
Application Closed
Hydraulic Component Holding 65% market share of shock absorbers in Japan, for various transportation systems, also ranking second globally. Active in Quality Management activities overall. 1980 Deming Prize winner.
C Ricoh
Application Closed
Office appliance Holding the largest share of photocopier in Japan, also very competitive in other field. Introducing cell production system to correspond with variations, and business model company in environmental management. 1975 Deming Prize Winner. *Plant visit this time, does not feature QCC activities
Application Closed
Dental material/product Top share manufacturer of dental materials in Japan, raking second largest group in the world. Actively introducing quality management activities aiming to become global No. 1. Visiting plant sits in the skirt of Mt. Fuji. 2000 Deming Prize Winner.
E Bridgestone
Application Closed
Tire World largest tire manufacturer, introducing QCC activities corporate-wide. 1968 Deming Prize Winner.
F Nippon Steel
Application Closed
Steel Largest steel manufacturer in Japan, ranking 6th largest globally. Will be able to observe dynamic steel production. 1951 Deming Prize Winner.
G Tokyo Sekisuiheim
Application Closed
Housing unit Top share manufacturer in ecology-friendly house, introducing breakthrough unit construction method, where most housing unit is manufactured in the plant.
H Press Kogyo
Application Closed
Auto Components (Frame/Axle/Cab) Enjoying the status of domestic No. 1 with approx. 70% share for frame and axle parts of a truck. Also holding 30% of global share for cabs of construction machines.
I Isuzu Motor
Application Closed
Trucks Domestic No.1 share holder of Light-duty and medium-duty trucks with clean diesel technology.
Extensive overseas network around the world including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam in Asia alone.

According to the demand of applications for plant visit, more companies may be added to the list.

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