QC Circles: About QC Circle Conference

It was April 1962, when we began QC Circle activities in Japan. Then the activities spread over rapidly in subsequent years. In Japan, the activities have been practiced throughout industry from manufacturing to services, and in the world more than 70 countries and territories have introduced and promoted QC Circles.
The QC Circle Headquarters of Japan is located within Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), and there are 9 branch offices throughout Japan to facilitate and assist QC Circle activities as follows.


As of Dec. 2014, there are 45,438 QC circles registered to the headquarters in JUSE all over Japan.

What is a QC Circle?

A QC Circle is a small group consisting of first-line employees who continually control and improve the quality of their network, products and services.

These small groups:

Operate autonomously
Utilize quality control concepts and techniques and other improvement tools
Tap members’ creativity
Promote self and mutual development

QC Circle activities aim to:

Develop members’ capabilities and achieve self-actualization
Make the workplace more pleasant, vital and satisfying
Improve cutomer satisfaction
Contribute to society

Executives and managers to ensure that QC Circle activities contribute to improving the health of the enterprise by:

Treating QC Circle activities as an important part of employee development and workplace vitalization, Personally practicing company-wide improvement activities such as TQM, and Providing guidance and support for total participation while respecting the humanity of all employees.

The Basic Idea Behind QC Circle Activities

The baisc idea behind QC Circle Activities carries out as a part of company-wide quality control activities is as follows;

Display human capabilities fully and eventually draw out infinite possibilities,
Respect humanity and build a worthwhile to live and happy bright workshop,
Contribute to the improvement and development of the enterprise.