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JUSE Seminars/Training Courses

JUSE has been providing education and training courses/programs to the Japanese industries for more than half a century. You can find the principle courses we provide in this page. As well as courses on these "universal" concepts and methods, JUSE strives to offer courses meeting the needs of the times.

All Seminars/Training Courses are held in Japanese unless otherwise specified.


QC Method

QC Circles

  • QC Circle Seminar for Managers
  • QC Circle Seminar for QC Circle Leaders
  • Task Achieving Type QC Story Seminar
  • QC Circle Elementary Course for Beginners
  • QC Problem Solving Workshop
  • Coaching Seminar


  • Software Quality Course for Management
  • Software Quality Course for Engineers
  • Software Quality Course for Design Review
  • Software Quality Course for Project Management
  • Debug Engineering and Test Method course
  • Software Quality Course for Process Improvement

Reliability Engineering

  • Reliability Engineering Basic Course
  • Reliability Engineering Seminar on FMEA/FTA
  • Reliability Engineering Course on Design Review
  • Reliability Engineering Course for Reliability Test
  • Reliability Engineering Course for Fault Analysis
  • Introductory Course for Product Liability and Safety
  • Risk Assessment course using R-Map method

Design of Experiment/Multivariate Analysis

  • Basic Course for Design of Experiment
  • Introductory Course for Multivariate Analysis

IE/IV/Cost Management/Sensory Evaluation

  • IE Basic Course for improvement
  • Cost Management Seminar
  • Sensory Evaluation Seminar


  • Statistical Analysis Course for Clinical Testing
  • Biomedical Statistics Seminar
  • Medical Writing Seminar
  • Pharmacoepidemiology Seminar

ISO Management System

  • ISO 9000 Quality Management System Auditor Training Course
  • ISO 9000 Quality Management System Course for Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO 9000 Seminar for Top Management
  • ISO 9000 Seminar for Managers
  • Seminar on ISO 9001 QMS Requirement
  • Seminar on ISO/TS 16949 Requirement for Automobile Industries
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Auditor Training Course
  • ISO 14001 EMS Internal Auditor Training Course
  • Seminar on ISO 14001 EMS Requirement
  • ISO22000 FSMS Course
  • Information Security Management System Course
  • General Management System Introductory Seminar for QMS/EMS/OHSMS
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