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"Beginner's Guide: Basics of QC and Its Use" e-learning course

Application closed on 10 November, 2020. Service will end soon: "Beginner's Guide: Basics of QC and Its Use" e-learning course application is closed.

Acquiring "QC way of thinking" is a skill that all business people must have!

Learning QC, its concepts and tools allows you to look into events scientifically, and to logically resolve problems and concerns you may have, no matter what kind of work or operations you are engaged in; whether it is in manufacturing, or in administration, sales and service divisions.

With this e-learning course, you can learn QC (Quality Control) systematically and enjoy the learning process at the same time.

In quality control, just acquiring the knowledge is not enough. QC is a subject that becomes useful, only by using and implementing what you learned. This e-learning material was created with an actual workplace in mind, enabling you to imagine how to implement QC easily.

This e-learning material is suitable for people who are learning quality control for the first time, as well as those who wish to learn the true essence of quality control.

Outline of the Course

  • For brochure, please click here.(3MB)
  • In this course, you will learn QC through the example of manufacturing TAMAGOYAKI, a Japanese-style dish, at QC Foods' factory.

System Requirements

OS : Microsoft Windows7,8,10
Browser : Internet Explorer 11,Chrome,Firefox
Adobe Flash Player : latest version

Distinction of the Course

  • Even those who learn QC for the first time can efficiently learn the QC way of thinking at any time and place.
  • Full of knowledge and expertise of contributors with rich hands-on experience.
  • Administrator will have access to the function to monitor the enrollment and progress of each participant, for corporate/group enrollment.

Suitable for

  • People learning quality control for the first time, as well as those who wish to learn quality control again.
  • New and prospective employees
  • College,vocational school,technical high school students
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