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Seminar list

Quality Function Deployment Seminar

Introductory Course (2 days x 2 terms)
First Term Day1
  • Lecture: What is QFD
  • Exercise (1) Selecting Themes, Capturing Market Demand, Extracting Requirements
  • Exercise (2) Extracting and Deploying Quality Requirements
  • Exercise (3) Extracting Quality Elements from Quality Requirements
  • Exercise (4) Creating Quality Elements Deployment Chart
Second Term Day1
  • Case Study & Application
  • EHomework Explanation
  • Exercise (5) Creating a Quality Chart
  • Exercise (6) Establishing Standard Quality
  • Lecture: New Product Development & Quality Assurance
  • Exercise (7) Converting Importance Levels and Establishing Quality of Design
  • Presentation of Exercise Results
Advanced Course (2 days)
  • Lecture: The Principle of QFD, Effects You can Achieve from QFD, and the Aim of this Course Orientation
  • Exercise (1) Selecting intended customers, establishing policies, grasping important requirements, defining required specification, establishing quality of design
  • Exercise (2) Deploying into processes, QA chart, QC process chart
  • Summary
  • Presentation of achievements from exercise
  • Topics (Introduction of cases where QFD was used)
  • General Q & A
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