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Past Report of the International Seminar on TQM

2012 ISTQ Report

1. JUSE International Seminar on TQM, Jul. 2-12, 2012 [Regular two-week program]
The program covered major TQM topics in depth and provided unique opportunities to visit Japanese leading companies to enhance the understanding of quality activities. This time, we welcomed 16 participants from India, Taiwan, and Zambia.

2. JUSE International Seminar on TQM- Tailor-made program for Shenzen Ocean's King Lightning Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Jul. 23-31, 2012
Ocean's King is one of the leading manufacturers of top grade lighting products in China. 28 delegates participated in the program which covered Kaizen Visualization, Daily Management, QC Way of Thinking, Product/Market Analysis include group exercises.

3. JUSE International Seminar on TQM, Dec. 3-7, 2012 [Intensive one-week program]
Participated by individuals from Belgium, India, Taiwan, and Thailand, the year-end program was held focusing on the core of TQM including plant tours at Japanese leading manufacturers, Hino Motors and Sanden Corporation.

Photo taken at the home party hosted by Dr. Noriaki Kano

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