2017 The Deming Prize Winners Presentation and Award Ceremony

The Deming Prize Winners Presentation
Award Ceremony for the Deming Prize, Japan Quality Recognition Award and Nikkei QC Literature Prize
Celebration Party


2017 The Deming Prize Winners Presentation and the Award Ceremony are scheduled to be held as follows.
Detailed schedule of the Winners Presentation will be announced on our website after Oct. 4, 2017 when the winners are determined.
List of Nikkei QC Literature Prize Winners is available in Japanese only.

About the Event

Date and Time Wednesday, November 8, 2017 13:00~19:30
Venue Keidanren Kaikan (Otemachi, Tokyo)  Access Map
Fees Winners Presentation and Award Ceremony: Free of charge / Celebration Party: JPY7,560
Time Program
13:00~15:55 The Deming Prize Winners Presentation (2F Keidanren Hall)
16:10~17:15 Award Ceremony, The Japan Quality Recognition Award (2F Keidanren Hall)
17:30~18:15 Award Ceremony, the Deming Prize・Nikkei QC Literature Prize (2F Keidanren Hall)
18:30~19:30 Celebration Party (4F Diamond Room)
Winners Presentation Program
Time Deming Prize Winners Presentation
13:00~13:05 About the Deming Prize 
the Deming Prize Examination Committee
13:05~13:40 Presentation by Ashok Leyland Limited, Hosur Unit II, winner of the Deming Prize
13:40~13:45 Break
13:45~14:20 Presentation by CEAT Limited, winner of the Deming Prize
14:20~14:35 Break
14:35~15:10 Presentation by SCG Logistics Management Company Limited , winner of the Deming Grand Prize
15:10~15:20 Commentary
15:20~15:30 Break
15:30~15:55 Presentation by Dr. Takeshi NAKAJO , Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, winner of the Deming Prize for Individuals

Simultaneous interpretation between Japanese and English will be available throughout the program.

  • Summary of the winners’ presentation by organizations overseas will be distributed in English only.
  • Please note that the program is subject to change.

How to Participate

Please refer our contact below and send us the following information if you wish to participate in the Winners Presentation and Award Ceremony. We will later send you an invitation.
● Name
● Organization
● Postal Address
● Phone and/or Fax number and E-mail address
● Will you be participating in the Celebration Party as well? If yes, we will also send you a ticket to the party and an invoice. Participation fee payment is requested to be made by bank transfer in advance.
Application to this event will be closed when the number of participants reaches its maximum capacity. 


The Secretariat for the Deming Prize Committee
(Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)

Phone : +81-3-5990-5852
Facsimile : +81-3-3344-3022