Deming Grand Prize

What is the Deming Grand Prize

The Deming Grand Prize was created to commemorate the first International Conference on Quality Control (ICQC), held in October 1969 in Tokyo, and to maintain and upgrade the spirit of the conference long into the future. With the purpose of further developing the world of quality control, the Deming Grand Prize was established with a fund from surplus conference revenues. (Deming Grand Prize was originally established as Japan Quality Medal and name change took place in 2012)

An organization may apply for the Deming Grand Prize three years or more (including the award year) after it has received the Deming Prize. When it is recognized that an applicant's implementation of TQM has improved substantially beyond the level at the time it won the Deming Prize, the organization is awarded the Deming Grand Prize.

Winners of the Deming Grand Prize may repeatedly apply for the medal as long as they wait three years or more (including the award year) after winning. Therefore, for those organizations that have been practicing TQM for a long time, receiving the Deming Grand Prize is the highest honor.

Deming Grand Prize Medal

The cover page shows the Deming Grand Prize with laurel tree bearing fruit of Quality. The image represents the award of honor and the work is designed by illustrator, Mr. Hiroshi Manabe.