About JUSE: International Cooperation

Global Quality Affirmation / World Alliance for Quality

JUSE has for many years co-operated and shared platforms with other quality organizations outside Japan. ASQ, EOQ, IAQ and JUSE cooperated to issue the Global Quality Affirmation, in the year, 2002, and to signify our shared commitment to the ideals.

International Conference for Quality (ICQ)

JUSE, with the support of IAQ, sponsors and co-sponsors the International Conference on Quality (ICQ) which has been held every three years, since 1969 in cooperation with ASQ and EOQ, in USA, Europe and Japan.

International Convention on QC Circles (ICQCC)

JUSE is also a founding member of the International Convention on QC Circles (ICQCC) and has a close relationship with other representative coordinating organizations from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. A convention is held every year.

World Congress for Software Quality (WCSQ)

WCSQ is a major international gathering of software quality professionals. The congress was first held in San Francisco in 1995 and has been organized every 5 years under the partnership of the Software Quality Profession Board (SQiP Board) of JUSE, the Software Division of the American Society for Quality and the Software Group of the European Organization for Quality.