2021 the Deming Prize Winners Announced


The Deming Prize Committee has determined and is pleased to announce this year's winners as follows. The Deming Prize Award Ceremony will take place at KEIDANREN KAIKAN on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 from 16:00 to 16:55. Due to prevention of COVID-19, the ceremony this year will be carried out only with invitees of parties concerned. For general public, the ceremony will be delivered online.

The Winners Presentation by this year's award winners will be held from 13:00 at the same venue.

*The Award Ceremony and the Winners Presentations this year will be conducted in Japanese only. (Refer to Japanese page for details)


1. The Deming Grand Prize

OTICS Corporation  (Japan)
Mr. Yuki Odai, President and Chief Executive Officer


2. The Deming Prize for Individuals

Dr. Hiroe Tsubaki
Executive Director, Inter-University Research Institute Corporation Research Organization of Information and Systems
Director-General, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics,

3. The Deming Prize

TOYOTA BOSHOKU CORPORATION, Kariya Plant & Unit Production Engineering Center (Japan)
Mr. Masami Sakakibara, Segment Chief, Unit Components Business Segment


4. The Nikkei QC Literature Prize (available in Japanese only)