Deming Grand Prize

Eligibility for the Deming Grand Prize

The Deming Grand Prize is an annual award presented to an organization such as a company, an institute, a division of a company and a headquarters office (organization, hereafter) that received the Deming Prize (including former the Deming Application Prize, the Deming Application Prize for Small Companies , the Deming Application Prize for Divisions and the Quality Control Award for Operations Business Units) three or more years ago (counting January to December of the award year as one year), that has continuously applied TQM to priority issues and has been achieving its objectives steadily and effectively in a changing business environment.

More specifically, the Deming Prize Committee set the following criteria:

Organizations Qualified for Receiving the Deming Prize
The Deming Prize is given to applicant organizations that realize the following three particulars by means of TQM.

Under clear management policies that reflect its management principles, industry, business, scope and business environment, the company has established proactive customer driven business objectives and strategies based on social responsibility of the organization. And the top management exhibits leadership in their formulation.
TQM is being suitably utilized and implemented for the realization of business objectives and strategies mentioned under A) above.
As a result of B), along with achieving effect regarding business objectives and strategies of A) above, organizational ability required for future growth has been secured.

Focus points of the examination are how the applicant has continuously applied TQM in a prior manner.

If the organization has new TQM activities that impact the way it manages its business, it is encouraged to include such activities - even if they are just at the trial stage - in the examination. Examples of these activities include quality creation, employee satisfaction improvement, environmental initiatives and international and social contributions. Such activities, however, are not required for the examination. If the applicant company has them and chooses to include them, then they become subjects for evaluation.

An organization that wins the Deming Grand Prize (the winning winner, hereafter) is presented with the Certificate of Merit and the Deming Grand Prize. The examination for the Deming Grand Prize is conducted by the Deming Prize Examination Committee (the Committee hereafter) and the decision of award is made by the Deming Prize Committee.