SQuBOK®*1 Guide, Guide to the Software Quality Body of Knowledge Concise Version Available

SQuBOK Project Team*2 compiled the Version 1 of the SQuBOK Guide as a Japan's original BOK guide and published its Japanese version from Ohmsha Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) in November 2007 to fulfill the following objectives.

To help train individuals involved with quality assurance
To formalize Japan's implicit knowledge concerning software quality
To organize and systematize new themes concerning software quality
To improve awareness of software quality technologies
To assist organizations seeking to establish software quality assurance processes

SQuBOK Project Team provides you, herewith, the abridged translation of the SQuBOK Guide to investigate the feasibility of its English publication to support the software quality activities worldwide. Upon reading through the guide, we appreciate your feedback in the questionnaire on the last page. Please return your valuable comments by e-mail or by fax. Queries on the SQuBOK Guide are also welcome.

Thank you.

SQuBOK? is an official registered trademark of JUSE (The Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers).
SQuBOK Project Team was jointly organized by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers' SQiP Software Quality Committee and the Japanese Society for Quality Control's Software Group.
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