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JUSE-TPA Joint Certification Program

R-Map Seminar

Following the successful conduct of the first joint program on Strategic Planning, JUSE, in cooperation with TPA-Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan), is holding the second joint certification program in Bangkok for participants speaking Thai. This new tool, R-MAP, is designed to illustrate risk of products for risk assessment, by visualizing in a simple matrix with which you can easily identify how far you must reduce the risk at the design stage. R-Map is widely and increasingly introduced at advanced companies in Japan and Europe, based on guidelines of ISO/IEC Guide 51.

Participants are expected to acquire practical Risk Management, by means of R-Map with a number of group works for application:

  • 1. Introduction of Risk Management
  • 2. Characteristics of R-Map
  • 3. Evaluation of risk by means of R-Map
  • 4. Practical Applications of R-Map and hazard scenario
  • 5. Group works & Q&A

Date: 21-22 February, 2013
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
Language: Thai
Intended participants: Staff/engineers of Design/Manufacturing department, other Managers and/or above

For assistance and inquires:
TPA-Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
JUSE International Relations Office
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