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JUSE Profile
Outline of JUSE

    JUSE was established in May 1946 and authorized as the foundation of a juridical body by the Science and Technology Agency (reformed Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) of Japanese Government.
    The objective of JUSE is to promote systematic studies needed for the advancement of science and technology, whereupon to contribute to the development of culture and industry.
    The field of science and technology that JUSE has been involved in since its establishment belongs to the Soft Technology where the mathematical and statistical methods can be applied to the corporate management. Especially, the quality control has been the primary subject of JUSE and great efforts have been bent to the development and dissemination of the technology. Today, JUSE is widely known in and out the country as a "Center of Quality Control in Japan". JUSE has managed the Deming Prize, which has been well known in the field of the Total Quality Management. Moreover, we are a member of the sponsor group of the Campaign "Quality Month" in November in Japan. During recent years, more than 20,000 people including 500 of senior managers from enterprises have been taking part in our Education and Training Courses in the fields below every year that is one of our main activities.
    1. Quality Management, QC Circle
    2. Reliability Engineering
    3. Multivariate Analysis, Design of Experiment
    4. Marketing Analysis, Sensory Evaluation, Products Liability
    5. ISO Management System(QMS, EMS), OHSMS, ISMS and others.
    The membership of JUSE comprises only corporate members, as it accepts no individual members. Besides many corporations in the manufacturing industry, enrollment of those in the construction and service industries is increasing recently.
    The activities of JUSE are today implemented with the support and cooperation by about 1,700 persons from academic fields, industries and governmental institutions. These people belong to 200 different committees as members.
    Most of the income of JUSE is derived from its undertakings for the member companies. No financial support by the government is received.
    JUSE has its head quarters and an annex in Tokyo, and a branch office in Osaka. It has two affiliated companies, The Institute of JUSE, Inc. (computation center) and JUSE Press Co., Ltd. at adjacent place in Tokyo.
    Selected among those who have notably contributed to JUSE activities or advancement of science and technology in Japan, and entrusted by the president of JUSE. The advisors serve advisory work on the important matters related to the administration of JUSE.
    Selected upon the proposal of the committee and requested by the president of JUSE among those who work in the related field of academic, industrial and governmental institutes. The collaborators belong to the technical research committee and / or administrative committees, and serve as lecturers of the training courses, editing committee members, article contributors or the magazines, etc.
    Selected among the representatives of JUSE member companies and entrusted by the president of JUSE. The trustees elect the directors and auditors, and deliberate the revision of the articles of association, etc.
    Selected and entrusted by the president of JUSE among the men of learning and experience. The counselors serve advisory work on the practical measures related to the administration of JUSE.
    Corporate firms which pay the membership fee on the consent to the purpose of JUSE.